There’s a new certification institute for esport fans looking to get a job. But what is EsportsCI and what do industry veterans think about it?

As the esports market booms, there are new entrants looking to improve upon the current state of the industry.

However, EsportsCI’s attempt to do this seems to have fallen flat initially as the entire venture has been called out on Twitter for various reasons.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about EsportsCI and why it is under fire from industry veterans.

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What Is EsportsCI?

Esports Certification Institution, or EsportsCI, is a Public Benefit Corporation. Their mission is “to foster professionalism, promote meritocracy, and increase diversity and inclusion in esports.”

Their advisors include the likes of the founder of the world’s first esports law firm, famed esports commentators across titles, and managers from top esport organisations.

What Does EsportsCI Do?

The Esports Certification Institute, or Esports CI, looks to improve how esport enthusiasts find jobs. It is an experiment to not let manager nepotism govern the hiring process.

Most industry experts would agree that most jobs within the scene are based on how well one’s contacts are. Almost all major companies are looking for proven experience over perhaps a deeper knowledge regardless of history.

EsportsCI is looking to bridge the gap for enthusiasts looking to enter the industry without experience but with skill or knowledge.

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What Is EsportsCI’s Plan?

EsportCI plans on doing this with an exam based on what top esports organizations look for in junior employees. This is theorized to give those without experience a good boost in the selection process.

They are also looking to give scholarships for students in colleges as well as industry scholarships. While they haven’t announced or disclosed their plans and tie-ups, we can expect an announcement in the near future.

What Does EsportsCI’s Exam Test?

According to their website, the following is covered and tested:

Esports industry knowledge is comprised of questions stemming from our advisory board. Our advisory board is made up of esports leaders that submit topics or questions for the examination.

Data comprehension covers introductory statistics and modeling. Esports is a digital ecosystem and as such the ability to work with the data is imperative to operate in this fast moving modern space.

Problem solving is tested in the form of an essay. Esports is a fast growing industry with many ever-changing problems yet to be solved. The industry needs driven, creative problem solvers to tackle these issues.

Why Is EsportsCI Under Fire On Twitter?

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Quite a few esport industry veterans are criticizing the venture. Nevertheless, most of them agree that while it is an interesting approach to a solve a certain problem, it still has a lot of places to improve upon.

Notable Dota 2 caster and co-founder of an esports studio, David “LD” Gorman tweeted about how the beauty of esports was the lack of the necessity of a certificate among other things.

Award-winning esports journalist Jacob Wolf expressed how solving the problem of gatekeeping with this method could itself prove problematic.

Most importantly, the venture is under fire for the pricing of the study guide at $400 to the point where esports organization Envy took it to social media to meme it.

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