With the new Season 3 Battle Pass officially live in both Cold War and Warzone, you’ll want to know how to level up the new Battle Pass as fast as possible to get the Tier 100 rewards.

We’ve put together a guide so you can check out the new Season 3 Battle Pass and find out the quickest way of levelling up the new pass.

For those that may be looking for everything Zombies related in Season 3, check out the link below to find out about the new Toxic Growth Field Upgrade.

Cold War & Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass

The Season 3 Battle Pass for Warzone & Cold War is a banger. Thanks to Call of Duty News account, CharlieINTEL, you can get a complete look at the new Season 3 Battle Pass in the tweet below.

Purchasing the Battle Pass will give you access to 4 Instant Rewards. You’ll unlock the Disruptor Legendary Operator Skin, the Rare Stinger Operator Skin for Woods, a Wellington Ash watch face, and a Season 3 XP Boost.

Once you reach Tier 100, you’ll unlock the White Queen Operator Skin for Wraith, the Roman Standard Legendary Blueprint for Sniper Rifle Echo, the Legendary Fortress Vehicle Skin, and the Season 3 Emblem.

Check out the full Season 3 Battle Pass in the tweet below.

How To Level Up Season 3 Battle Pass Fast

So, you’ve just purchased the Cold War and Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass and want to know how to level it up as fast as possible. We’ve got you covered.

Double XP Tokens

You’ll want to make sure to use your Double XP and Double Weapon XP tokens as much as possible. Although this doesn’t give you Double XP towards the Battle Pass, generally levelling up weapons and your overall level will go towards levelling up the Battle Pass.

Use Your COD Points

If you’ve got a few hundred COD points leftover from the previous Battle Pass, make sure you use them to purchase extra tiers. However, Call of Duty do frequently offer reduced Tier prices from time to time. So if you do plan on using your COD points to level up the pass, maybe hold out until a Tier Sale.


One of the biggest factors that goes into levelling up the Season 3 Battle Pass is simply playtime. The longer you play, the more you’ll level up that pass. You don’t need to worry about performing well in game, just try and spend as much time as possible IN GAME and you’ll find the Battle Pass levels up quickly.

Purchase 20 Tier Skip Bundle

This might be an obvious one, but we found purchasing the Battle Pass with the additional 20 Tiers included will enable you to reach Tier 100 way before the Season is set to end.

If you can afford to do it, we definitely recommend purchasing the tier skip bundle as it gives you a huge advantage in levelling up the Battle Pass.

Cold War & Warzone Season 3

On April 22, Activision launched Season 3 in both Warzone & Cold War.

There’s a whole plethora of content for players to jump in to. Not only is there new Cold War Multiplayer Maps, but there’s also New Weapons and even a brand new Warzone Map.

Make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest Season 3 news and leaks, right here at DualShockers.

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