With a new patch for LoL Wild Rift, we have an up-to-date Champion high-tier list featuring nothing but the very best. Did your favourite make the cut?

While the Wild Rift craze is slowly starting to pick up, it’s about time that you start getting ahead of the curve.

One of the simplest ways is to stay up-to-date with the meta and learn which Wild Rift champion is in the high-tier list.

Read more to find out which champ should you pick for each role in the new patch 2.2b!

Wild Rift Champion Tier List – Best Baron Lane Champions

The new meta favours snowballing because the potential to create a comeback has dramatically decreased in the new patch. The entire point in solo queue right now is to get a quick lead and never let it go. Keeping this in mind, be sure to check out these champions for the Baron-Lane:

  1. Fiora
  2. Darius
  3. Camille

Champions like Fiora and Darius can get quickly out of hand if their lanes go well. All they need to really do is get a sizeable lead and snowball that lead into a victory.

Whether you look at split-pushing or team fights where the Baron Lane role is supposed to excel, these champs have what it takes to turn up the heat on their opponents.

Camille doesn’t leave a lot of room for the enemy to come back to once she gets going, which is why he is among our high-tier Baron Lane picks for this meta.

Best Jungle Lane Champions

These is our high-tier list for the best Jungle Lane champions in the new meta:

  1. Lee Sin
  2. Vi
  3. Wukong

Keeping in mind that the meta favours those with an early-game advantage to get the ‘snow’ball rolling, a Wild Rift champion like Lee Sin or Wukong are favoured to rank in our high-tier list. The reason is simple: they have high stats right at the beginning thus helping them right when it matters the most.

Best Mid Lane Champions

The new meta favours a Wild Rift champion which has the ability to deal heavy damage due to the small but significant new factor of not very tanky champions being played right now. We favour these mid-lane champions for our list:

  1. Katarina
  2. Ziggs
  3. Orianna

Katarina has high scaling potential and alongside her mixed damage output, she can quickly get going enough to clutch team fights alone. The fact that she has good resets just adds to her snowballing potential despite her nerfs.

Ziggs and Orianna both have insane AP scaling which offsets the side-effect of not having good resets for their skills.

Best ADC Champions

What makes an ADC Wild Rift Champion enter the recommended ranks in our Tier List is good scaling potential with an early game advantage. With this in mind, check out these ADC champions:

  1. Kai’Sa
  2. Ezreal
  3. Xayah

While Kai’Sa certainly fits the bill for being perfect for the new meta, Ezreal and Xayah make the cut as well because of their high damage output, mobility, and recent buffs.

Best Support Champions

And finally, here’s a look at the best supports:

  1. Alistar
  2. Leona
  3. Braum

As the new meta has made most champions quite squishy, a high-damage support is going to be extremely annoying. Alistar’s frontline potential as well as a nearly-broken ultimate makes him extremely strong, while Leona’s buff in the new patch makes her viable for now. Braum’s passive is just too good to be true.

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