It’s an exciting time to be an Apex Legends fan as the game enters its ninth season titled “Apex Legacy”.

The new season will usher in a handful of exciting, game-changing updates including a new flying legend, a whole new mode and a new weapon, amongst other things.

Here at Elecspo, we were lucky enough to go hands-on with the new season and with it, the Bocek Bow. Here are our thoughts on this brand new weapon.

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What Makes the Bocek Bow Special?

Well, first things first, it’s a bow. It’s the first time a weapon of its kind has been in Apex Legends which is pretty significant on its own.

The Bocek is a medium-range weapon capable of dealing devastating damage, provided it’s fully drawn.

Players can add a range of attachments to the bow, including the usual optics and it also has not one, but two hop-up slots.

The first of these is called Deadeye’s Tempo and allows the bow to be drawn and fired at a much-increased rate. The second of the two is called Shatter Caps. This attachment turns each arrow into a mini shotgun shell which spreads when fired.

Both attachments are great on their own, however, they can be used at the same time, turning the Bocek Bow into an absolute monster.

Impressions of the Apex Legends Bocek Bow.

Now, you should know, bows are my video game weapon of choice. If I have the chance to use one, you bet I will.

The most recent example of fantastic bow-play is probably Horizon Zero Dawn, and honestly, the Bocek Bow is a close rival to Aloy’s.

Of course, the situation that both bows are used in is vastly different, however, the Bocek is fantastic.

It’s certainly not easy to master and I was killed more than a few times while I was trying to perfect my aim but it was worth it. Once it clicked, it clicked and every shot I landed felt incredibly satisfying and that’s what I’m looking for from a bow.

The two attachments are also welcome. When attached, they make the bow feel like completely different weapon and offer players a nice variety of options.

Will the Bocek Bow Crack the Apex Legends Meta?

While it’s incredibly slick and fun to use, probably not.

Bows in online games are generally about having fun first and cracking the meta second and I feel that’s the case here.

There are too many “negative” factors that come into play that stop it from being super competitive – the draw time, slow rate of fire, the need for incredible accuracy are all a hindrance. While these will probably detract from the weapon’s relevance, it is still extremely fun to play.

Don’t get me wrong, there will undoubtedly be some bow pros out there, but for general players wanting to be competitive, I’d say stick to the more traditional weapons.

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