Elecspo (Electronic Sport) offers refreshingly honest, relatable coverage of competitive gaming, and all things Fortnite. Founded in January 2018 as an iteration of our previous gaming property – HITC Top Corner Gaming – Elecspo is part of the GRV MEDIA network of websites.

Our vision is to provide entertaining news coverage of the games we hold near and dear, ensuring you leave here a little wiser, and a little happier.

Elecspo covers a variety of games — but our true focus lies in the flourishing Fortnite scene, as reflected by our chief writer’s preference towards all things Battle Royale. As time goes by, we expect to branch out coverage into farther reaches of the esports industry.

We always ensure accuracy in the news we cover, but our chief writer does relish adding a flair of his own views in the mix – especially when it comes to new additions to his favourite games, or bringing up classic old games to tickle the nostalgia in us.

If you have anything you’d like to share with us, whether it be story tips, suggestions, compliments or complaints, feel free to contact us at [email protected], or visit our Contact page.