League of Legends player YourPrincess has stepped down as a team captain in Twitch Rivals amid fresh drama relating to her #MeToo accusations against a fellow player.

The draft for the tournament took play on January 11, but after selecting her team, YourPrincess (real name Jayden Diaz) discovered that several of her teammates had immediately dropped out of the tournament.

This led the eSports star to voluntarily remove herself from the competition, urging the tournament organisers to find an alternative team captain.

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YourPrincess drama explained

The drama surrounding YourPrincess dates back to accusations she made against fellow player Tuesday (real name Jean-Sébastien Thery) in 2020 as part of the #MeToo movement.

YourPrincess accused Thery of making her feel uncomfortable while they were alone together after a competition match, of ignoring her personal space and overstepping their boundaries as platonic friends, and of picking her up and placing her on his lap without warning.

In response to this, Tuesday made public a series of private chatlogs between the pair that appear to suggest that they did have a previous flirtatious relationship that was not entirely platonic. A accused YourPrincess of abusing the popularity of the #MeToo movement to gain media attention.

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Why YourPrincess quit Twitch Rivals

Following the drama from Tuesday’s counter accusations against YourPrincess, a vocal portion of the eSports community took Tuesday’s side. YourPrincess has received threats and hatemail, leading to the decision (which she insists she did not make) that the word “Tuesday” would be banned from the Twitch Rivals live chat.

Following YourPrincess’ selection for Twitch Rivals, three members of her team, MikeYeung, Dragoon, and LL Stylish, all elected not to play.

Thus, to avoid further drama and “make it easier for other people”, YourPrincess has removed herself from the Twitch Rivals tournament entirely. She has urged the organisers to select a replacement for her, and will not be participating in the event.

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