The drama surrounding the OfflineTV (OTV) Rust server continues to grow more heated, as just days after the server was split in two, several streamers including Zuckles got banned for inappropriate behaviour.

OTV’s Rust server was intended as a place for streamers to roleplay and show off the game’s world and gameplay. This plan quickly fell apart when some players on the server began focusing heavily on the game’s PvP element, attacking and stealing from each other.

Now, the servers have been split in two: a roleplay server and a PvP server, but moderators are still having a hard time keeping law and order.

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Why Zuckles got banned from the OTV Rust server

Zuckles was banned from the OTV Rust server for metagaming, by learning about other players’ moves on their own streams to adjust his own in-game strategy.

Commenters warned Zuckles in his stream that another player, xQc, was planning to raid him. Zuckles then changed his game strategy based on this, and, based on further comments from viewers, made sure that he was prepared for the exact tactice xQc planned to use against him.

This gave Zuckles an unfair advantage, and broke the rules established by OTV’s PvP Rust server. Hence, he was banned for inappropriate activity.

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Why metagaming is banned

Zuckles isn’t the only player to be banned from the OTV Rust server. While moderators had hoped that splitting the server into a pair of roleplay-only and PvP-only communities would reduce the drama on both servers, but this isn’t the case.

Metagaming is an understandable problem in an environment where players are broadcasting their every actions. Many viewers will watch multiple streams at a time, and while it’s difficult to avoid being given some spoilers from viewers in chat, Zuckles actively encouraged this behaviour, giving him an unfair advantage.

It’s likely that Zuckles won’t be the last player to be banned from either of OTV’s Rust servers, as these kinds of complaints are likely to continue for a while to come.

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