Rust streamer Ser Winter has been banned from the official OTV roleplay server for being too aggressive and competitive in a non-PvP environment.

While Rust is designed as a competitive game, the OTV server was established with a focus on roleplaying. This has been difficult to maintain as many players have been more interested in playing violently.

Last week, a new server was established for players who want to don’t want to engage with the PvP crowd, but for veteran players such as Ser Winter, the appeal of combat has been hard to resist.

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Why Ser Winter got banned from the OTV Rust server

Ser Winter was banned from the OTV Rust server for attacking and killing other players, such as Trainwrecks. He’s also been accused of using his wealth of existing knowledge of Rust to game the system, exploiting other players to his own advantage.

While Ser Winter initially responded to the ban gracefully on Twitter, he later tweeted out a video pointing out the more aggressive actions from fellow streamers such as xQc.

Indeed, many viewers have noted that xQc has been allowed to get away with actions that others have been banned for, with some arguing that Ser Winter was goaded into playing more aggressively and bringing PvP fighting to the roleplay server.

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Rust developer criticises banned OTV streamers

The problems surrounding OTV’s Rust servers and players, like Ser Winter, who’ve been banned for inappropriate activity, are not going away any time soon. Indeed, Garry Newman, one of the developers at Facepunch who created Rust, has taken to Twitter to complain about the banned players.

Speaking ironically, he said:

“I guess I’ll just have to accept that joining a server with a ton of rules with the aim to help streamers make watchable content and playing as if I was on a public server was the wrong thing to do, instead of trying to stir up a ton more drama to squeeze views out of it.”

Ser Winter will likely not be the last player to be banned from OTV’s Rust servers for breaking the rules – it’s clear that actually policing the community is proving very difficult.

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