The OTV Rust server has been taken down, but its creator has already provided the date and time that it will return and come back online.

Streaming group OfflineTV’s dedicated Rust server has very quickly become one the the most talked-about games communities on Twitch, with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in to watch various streams from within the server – and dozens of up-and-coming Twitch stars desperately begging for an invite to join the fun.

It’s already become clear that simply playing on the OTV Rust server is enough to bolster any streamer’s career, so when will it return, and how can players get an invite?

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When will the OTV Rust server return?

The OTV Rust server is to be split in two, with both returning at 17:00 PT/20:00 ET on January 7 (01:00 GMT on January 8).

The original server will be put back online in an unaltered state, and players will be allowed to continue enjoying the game in all its PvP glory. Meanwhile, many regular players will migrate to a second, brand new server that will focus on roleplaying while keeping all-out warfare between players to a minimum.

This has been done to prevent much of the frustration that regular players, such as Pokimane and Valkyrae, have felt while trying to play on the server – other players, most infamously xQc, have been accused of breaking the server’s strict rules and making the experience less enjoyable for those who are taking it seriously.

What is the OTV Rust server IP address?

Neither of the OTV Rust servers’ IP addresses have been made public.

The new Rust server will be smaller in scope, with fewer players that are more carefully selected, so places will be limited to the world’s most popular Twitch streamers.

On the other hand, in the days prior to temporarily shutting down the old server, smaller streamers have periodically been allowed to join, so there’s a good chance that this will continue after it returns – especially as the old server appears to be a more relaxed affair.

That said, invites to the old Rust OTV server will likely still be limited to streamers who are already fairly established on Twitch with a noteworthy audience.

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