Popular streamer MissBehavin was banned from Twitch for three days after accidentally streaming content that violated the platform’s terms and conditions.

MissBehavin has over forty thousand subscribers on Twitch, and is also popular on other content and social media sites including Instagram. She also creates adult content for paying supporters, and it’s believed that this may have gotten her into trouble with Twitch.

While her three day ban from the platform has already elapsed, MissBehavin is receiving increased attention as word has spread of her inappropriate streaming activities.

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Why MissBehavin got banned from Twitch

MissBehavin received a three day ban for streaming explicit content live on Twitch. This involved exposing herself to viewers in a manner that violated Twitch’s code of conduct concerning adult content.

MissBehavin also posts adult videos and pictures on the content site OnlyFans, and she has expressed frustration on Twitter at having inadvertently provided her Twitch audience with a type of content that is usually reserved for paying supporters.

It’s therefore believed, although not confirmed, that MissBehavin accidentally began streaming on Twitch when she had actually intended to produce content for OnlyFans.

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Why did Missbehavin get a three day ban?

Online commenters have been hotly debating why Missbehavin was banned from Twitch for only three days for streaming such explicit content. The subject of adult material on Twitch is currently somewhat controversial, as under most circumstances, the platform comes down hard on any and all content deemed to break its guidelines surrounding decency.

For example, popular streamer Forsen was banned in November for accidentally streaming adult content and has received a far stricter punishment than Missbehavin.

As the enforcement of Twitch’s rules continues to vary from case to case, it’s unlikely that questions surrounding appropriate content will die down any time soon.

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