Calls for popular YouTuber gaming personality MatPat, creator and co-operator of the Game Theorists, to be cancelled began trending yesterday while he was hosting a charity stream in aid of child victims of COVID-19.

Those calling for MatPat (real name Matthew Patrick)’s cancellation attempted to use publicity surrounding the star’s one million dollar charity livestream fundraiser to instead raise awareness of actions that they deem offensive.

While the majority of the internet is unclear about why MatPat is being cancelled, proponents of the moment argue that his previous response to COVID-19 has been inappropriate and flippant.

Why MatPat got cancelled

Some internet users are calling for MatPat to be cancelled over a video he did earlier in 2020 entitled “Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?” in which he speculated on which video game characters would be the best equipped to survive the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The video’s detractors argue that it trivialises a senstive issue, and claim that MatPat’s decision to make light of the ongoing pandemic is offensive.


YouTube treats video content relating to COVID-19 very carefully. Video creators must declare if their video contains content relating to the pandemic, some advertisers prefer to avoid the subject, and as such, and there is some speculation that the YouTube algorithm gives a lower priority to videos that discuss coronavirus at length.

Is MatPat really cancelled?

As is often the case with Twitter hashtags, the number of platform users who are actually calling for MatPat to be cancelled are a smal minority. A quick look at the “MatPat cancelled” search term reveals that the majority of people using the term are, instead, defending the YouTuber star.

A common argument against MatPat’s cancellation is that his critics are willfully misinterpreting the video, which, his fans claim, is intended to instead spread awareness of the COVID-19 virus to younger viewers.

Regardless, having achieved his goal of raising a million dollars for charity through livestreaming, it’s likely that MatPat will have generated enough goodwill among his audience for cancellation calls to fall on deaf ears at present.

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