Twitch streamer velvet_7 received was banned from Twitch indefinitely in June, and after several months, fans are growing frustrated with her continued absence from the streaming platform.

A streamer from South Korea, velvet_7 (also known simply as Velvet) has had a long history of Twitch bans. The streamer is is famous for her very large chest, and infamous for wearing outfits which Twitch moderators deem inappropriate for the platform.

Velvet has been banned several times from Twitch, and has often expressed frustration, but the most recent ban has lasted for one hundred and seventy-five, leading fan to complain on Reddit about the treatment that the streamer has received.

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Why did velvet_7 get banned?

According to Twitch, velvet_7 was banned from the platform for “Sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities” in her streams.

Fans have interpreted this to mean that the star’s revealing clothing has drawn the ire of Twitch moderators. In particular, there was an incident in which the streamer wore a bikini which is believed to have contributed significantly to the ongoing ban.


Fans are currently discussing velvet_7’s ban thanks in large part to a new meme that is gaining prominence among the Twitch livestreaming community.

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Why is velvet_7 trending?

Discussions surrounding velvet_7 are currently trending due to a new meme that was shared on the r/livestreamfails subreddit.

Recently, Redditor u/quirah created a post on the subreddit insisting that Forsen, who is currently banned for showing inappropriate sexual content in a stream, did nothing wrong.

In reponse, Redditor u/hkgh1232000 shared a post using the same text, but replacing Forsen’s name with velvet_7. This appears to be a new meme in the making, although not one that the r/livestreamfails admin approve of, as the post has already been taken down.

Regardless, Twitch will likely continue to strictly enforce its rules surrounding sexual content and nudity, and streamers like velvet_7 will continue to be banned for showing off too much skin.

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