Popular YouTuber and Twitch star Vinesauce has been banned for accidentally streaming footage of a female nudity.

Vinesauce (real name Vincent Franzetti, also known simply as “Vinny”) has been creating video content for Twitch and YouTube for over ten years and in that time has amassed an audience in the hundreds of thousands.

In a recent stream on Twitch, Vinesauce played Blade Runner 2021, a modded version of Serious Sam Fusion which converts the entire game into a recreation of the Blade Runner universe. Unfortunately, he didn’t adequately vet the game before streaming it.

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Why Vinesauce got banned on Twitch

Vinesauce received his first Twitch ban for accidentally streaming a couple of second of a recreation of the holographic Joi billboard from Blade Runner 2049. Because the “billboard” displays a giant nude woman, the stream violated Twitch’s terms of service.

Vinesauce did everything in his power to prevent the ban – not only did he immediately pan the camera away from the billboard, but he also deleted the stream’s VOD (Video On Demand) shortly after its conclusion. Nevertheless, Twitch issued him a ban.

Vinesauce has taken this in his stride, noting on Twitter that this is only a minor punishment and reminding fellow streamers to fully vet any mod they play before playing it on Twitch.

How long has Vinesauce been banned for?

According to Vinesauce, Twitch notes that his violation of the platform’s terms was a minor infraction, and as such, he’s just received a temporary suspension and should be back soon.

Even so, his fans have been vocal in expressing their displeasure at his treatment, arguing that Twitch is taking its policing of the platform too seriously.

Regardless, it seems that if Twitch streamers want to avoid getting banned, they need to be incredibly cautious about what content they stream.

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