Tenz and Valorant is a match made in heaven, having topped its leaderboard very early on. The former CS:GO pro shares some thoughts on how Riot’s tactical FPS could improve.

Tenz is no stranger to Twitter, and he took it to the social media platform to talk about changes that could help pros and streamers. The Valorant star discusses how an FPL-style system could greatly help them.

Read more to find out about what Tenz thinks Valorant needs, and how its leaderboard players and streamers could benefit from it!

What An FPL-Style System Is

FPL is a third-party matchmaking system that the highest-ranked players in CS:GO use for their games. This helps them cut the chase in general matchmaking that often finds hackers and not-so-serious players.

FPL is commended by many for its benefits, mainly that of many pros being able to find other serious pros. This also helps them boost their streaming careers as more viewers tune in to see a pro take on other pros.

Tenz believes that Valorant and its leaderboard (a.k.a highest-ranked) players and streamers could certainly benefit from something like this.

Tenz, Former Valorant Leaderboard Topper, Thinks The Game Needs This

In a series of tweets, Tenz highlights the numerous problems faced by high-level pros and streamers in Valorant, such as those on the leaderboards.

Furthermore, he adds: “Ranked is extremely frustrating at times especially when you open the round with 2 huge frags just to witness your team spoon feed the enemy team a round which makes you kind of want to pull out your hair at times. Also the ranked games feel SUPER one sided most of the time.”

Tenz says that he believes Valorant could use something like an FPL-style system for pros who don’t want to touch ranked. He also says that most streamers play ranked just to stream it without any other incentive.

Building on this point, he further adds that such a format will in fact help Tenz and other high-ranking Valorant players who stream their leaderboard games can benefit from this. He says:

Interestingly, he also says that most streamers end up just playing ranked like a glorified DM where teams are just looking to take all duels possible.

About Tenz

A former CS:GO professional-turned-Valorant pro, Tenz has quickly built a reputation in the growing scene for his aim. Tenz was also a Valorant leaderboard topper for quite a long period. Tenz has stayed in the Valorant leaderboard in other positions as well.

He’s currently competing for Sentinels on a loan from Cloud9. You can follow him here.

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