Popular YouTuber and Twitch star Spoit was recently banned from Rainbow Six Siege for cheating, but while this was initially a permanent ban, he soon convinced moderators to cancel the punishment.

Spoit has over four hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and over a hundred thousand on Twitch. He’s best known for playing Rainbow Six Siege – which is why it was such a blow when he discovered a that he’d been permanently banned from the game’s online servers.

This wasn’t all – Spoit was also facing another problem. He had already anticipated that his account would be banned, as he had discovered that another person was using it and deliberately cheating to provoke a ban.

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Why Spoit got banned from Rainbow Six Siege

Spoit was banned from Rainbow Six Siege due to cheating, but he attests that this was because his account was hacked and another player used it to break the rules.

According to Spoit, before the ban was issued he was sent an email telling him that the account’s password and email account had been changed. He had to negotiate with Rainbow Six Siege’s moderators to regain access to the account.

Thankfully, Spoit eventually got his account back, and the permanent ban was rescinded. As of the time of writing, he’s yet again able to play in his account.

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Why Spoit got hacked

While the specifics are unclear, Spoit’s account was likely hacked because he had not enabled two-step verification.

Cyber security experts recommend that all accounts – especially those as important as an online gaming account – should be protected so that they can only be accessed by a person who can receive messages to the phone number associated with the account.

Two-step verification would make Spoit’s account harder to access remotely, and could have prevented getting him banned from Rainbow Six Siege.

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