According to a fellow streamer, NoPixel community member and Twitch streamer SAVx (often simply known as Sav) has passed away.

The streamer disappeared suddenly in December, leaving his audience of thirty thousand fans to wonder where he had gone and why he wasn’t responding to any messages.

Twitch streamer Nidas claims to have tracked down one of Sav’s older email addresses, and having sent a message, received correspondence with SAVx’s brother.

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Fans mourn SAVx

According to Nidas, Twitch streamer SAVx has passed away. Nidas asks that people refrain from putting the family through undue stress by speculating further on the matter.

In a Twitlonger explaining his communication with the family, Nidas says:

“The family has asked for anyone that wishes to send or share anything, to do so through a mental health charity or become an advocate for suicide prevention.”

This news appears to bring resolution to those speculating about SAVx’s sudden departure from Twitch. Many had wondered about his disappearance, and it seems that Nidas’ message has provided a form of closure, even as many mourn the bad news.

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Twitch fans honour SAVx’s legacy

Already, SAVx’s fans across the internet have begun expressing their remorse and sharing their favourite moments from his Twitch streams.

Redditors have been quick to share their fond memories of the streamer, noting his kind attitude and eagerness to help anyone in need. SAVx was a member of the NoPixel community, a GTA V roleplaying server, and was well known and liked by many.

Twitter similarly is awash with comments from fans and wellwishers who express their sorrow at Sav’s passing. Among these messages are many which call for everyone to take care of their own mental health and to watch over others who they may think might be struggling, especially at this difficult time.

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