Popular YouTuber TheOdd1sOut has been cancelled on Twitter, with some fans calling for a boycott of his content, after he sarcastically poked fun at the “/s” tone indicator.

The Odd1sOut makes animated vlog videos on YouTube, where he has earned over sixteen million subscribers with just over a hundred videos. He recently released a mobile game based on his art and animations.

In spite of this popularity, TheOdd1sOut has now drawn the ire of his fanbase, with some calling for him to be cancelled.

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Why TheOdd1sOut got cancelled on Twitter

Fans are calling for TheOdd1sOut to be cancelled after he tweeted making fun of the “/s” tone descriptor. The tweet read: “I think putting /s to show sarcasm is a really great and useful tool! /s”.

Fans were quick to point out that “/s” is an important tone indicator for neurodivergent internet users, such as those with autism, to help them understand the subtext in ironic messages online.

TheOdd1sOut very quickly deleted his original tweet and posted a new tweet wholeheartedly apologising for his comment and for any offense it caused.

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Will TheOdd1sOut be affected by being cancelled?

While some have called for TheOdd1sOut to be cancelled following his initial tweet, his quick and thorough response to criticism makes it unlikely that many fans will bear a grudge long-term.

In fact, in quickly retracting his comment and apologising to those who may have been offended, TheOdd1sOut has shown a clear example of how online celebrities can perform damage control when caught making an inappropriate comment.

The internet being as large and varied as it is, some people on Twitter may still be disappointed in the YouTuber’s comments, but it’s unlikely that this will affect his career or content long-term.

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