Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc online, has been banned from Twitch after being caught publicly cheating in a game of Fall Guys.

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch, xQc has amassed over four million subscribers. He regularly streams a variety of competitve games and was previously a professional Overwatch player.

Lengyel’s ban comes as a result of actions taken during the ongoing Twitch Rivals tournament, occuring as a part of GlitchCon, in which he violated Twitch’s player conduct rules by cheating in an official match.

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Why xQc got banned from Twitch

In this instance, xQc was banned from Twitch for cheating stream-sniping another player during a Fall Guys game as part of the Twitch Rivals tournament. He was caught watching his opponent’s own stream, a tactic which has been historically used by players to gain an advantage and either beat or harrass other players.

As per the player conduct rules for Twitch Rivals, stream-sniping is an offense which is taken seriously. Not only has xQc received a Twitch ban, he has also been barred from receiving any prize money from the tournament, and cannot compete in another Twitch Rivals event for the next six months.


While many of his fans rushed to defend xQc’s actions, the streamer made a public apology in which he agreed with Twitch’s decision, stating that while he thought that stream-sniping would be “funny,” it was still against the rules, and he is happy to take his punishment.

Why xQc keeps getting banned

This is not the first time that xQc has received a Twitch ban this year. Earlier in 2020, he was banned for playing an explicit video game (a version of the iconic Connect Four which features nudity).

In another instance, he streamed footage of two gorillas mating, which he claims was an accident, but for which he still received a twenty four hour ban.

All of these bans suggest that being temporarily barred from streaming does little to prevent streamers from taking Twitch’s rules seriously – indeed, for many streamers, the publicity that comes from a ban can be beneficial to their image as rebellious and unpredictable.

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