Mexican streamer Quackity has generated some controversy after a fan accused him of inappropriately speaking Spanish on Twitch, with some fans calling for him to be cancelled.

Quackity, real name Alex, also known as QuackityHQ, has amassed over a million followers on Twitch, and over three million subscribers on YouTube. While known for his Minecraft streams, he’s also famous for creating the Discord’s Got Talent competition within his community.

In a recent Minecraft stream on Twitch, Quackity expressed frustration at attempts to get him “cancelled” because of his use of the Spanish language.

Why Quackity is cancelled

According to Quackity himself, the streamer is being cancelled by fans who object to his use of Spanish. Quackity claims that he’s received comments from people saying that his use of the language is offensive.

Said Quackity:


“I can’t even say anything any more. Someone literally tried cancelling me for speaking Spanish. They said, ‘That’s not his language to speak! Did you guys see he was making fun of people?’

“I speak Spanish! I spoke Spanish before I even spoke English! I feel like I’m walking on eggshells!”

A native Spanish speaker from Mexico, Quackity has vented his frustration at attempts to cancel him for his use of his native language.


How serious is it to be cancelled?

One of the challenges for streamers like Quackity is that a large audience will periodically lead to disgruntled fans claiming that someone should be cancelled.

Not each of these attempts carries the same weight, and it’s possible that Quackity’s comments are based on a very small minority of his audience – indeed, it’s unlikely that the criticism of his Spanish speaking would have gained any attention at all had Quackity not amplified the comments by repeating them.

Dealing with a large audience on YouTube or Twitch inevitably means that someone is going to take offense or get angry – streamers and content creators often have a hard time picking out worthwhile critism from the sea of negativity that comes from fame. It’s unlikely that calls for Quackity to be cancelled will actually gain any traction.

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