The Lords of the Fallen is a 2023 rebirth for the series that failed to take flight all the way back in 2014. Its release date isn’t too far away, and here is a guide to its Xbox Game Pass and multiplayer status, as well as its difficulty, character creation classes, and more.

If the name seems familiar that’s because it’s identical to the series’ first installment. Lords of the Fallen debuted nearly a decade ago, but it never became anything significant thanks to a torrid reception from critics. The story was weak, the gameplay was brutal because of issues rather than its Soulslike inspiration, and there was just a real lack of any identity. However, the series is making a comeback, and gamers are optimistic thanks to the wonderfully grotesque visuals combined with the jaw-dropping gameplay trailers. There are lots of Soulslike inspirations from Mortal Shell to Lies of P, and everyone is hoping Lords of the Fallen can strongly emerge from the pyramid of failed video game corpses that died under the Soulslike umbrella.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 release date

The release date for Lords of the Fallen 2023 is October 13th.

It is coming to PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC. However, it is restricted to next-gen only, meaning it will be on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but not PS4 and Xbox One.

You can still play the first game on last-gen consoles if you so wish. The same is true for PC via both Steam and the Epic Games store.

As for why it’s not on PS4 or Xbox One, it’s because the game is aiming for a proper next-gen experience. Amazing visuals, extremely fast loading, 60 FPS on console, and buttery smooth gameplay with enormous scope that is just flat-out impossible on last-gen systems.

Dead corpse in Lords of the Fallen 2023 trailer
Image credit: CI Games – screenshot from CI Games YouTube channel video LORDS OF THE FALLEN – Official Story Trailer (Extended Version) | Pre-Order…

Is Lords of the Fallen 2023 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Lords of the Fallen 2023 is not joining Xbox Game Pass in October.

It could be added to the Microsoft subscription service post-launch, but it will not be available from day one like other third-party titles such as Lies of P and Payday 3 in September.

Below are the confirmed titles joining Game Pass in October:

Is there early access?

There is no early access pre-order bonus.

It’s possible fans on Xbox may be able to get early access from October 12th by using the New Zealand release time trick, but we don’t know if this will work. For this trick to work, the release time will need to be local midnight for every region.

Of course, with the game still one month away, the publisher, CI Games, has not shared the official release times as of writing. The PSN store countdown says it is a local midnight release, so hopefully the workaround will be doable come October.

While the lack of an early access pre-order bonus is slightly disappointing, there are still plenty of other rewards available.

Pre-order bonuses

Below are the prices and pre-order bonuses for every edition of the game (via the PSN store):

Standard edition – £59.99:

Deluxe edition – £69.99:

These prices are from the PSN store for PlayStation only. The fees could be slightly different on Xbox and PC.

Is Lords of the Fallen 2023 a reboot or remake?

Lords of the Fallen 2023 is not a remake. It is a reboot that also acts as a soft sequel.

It was originally called Lords of the Fallen 2 back in 2022, but its name changed to what we have now which is simply Lords of the Fallen which is the exact same name as the 2014 original. It’s confusing, we know!

This reboot/soft sequel takes place over 1,000 years later. The developer has confirmed that the tone has shifted from ‘power fantasy to a dark fantasy world, and it will also have more challenging combat, staying truer to experiences that the Soulsborne communities enjoy’.

Of course, as a reboot/soft sequel, you do not need to play the first game. All events are completely unrelated, so this experience is new for absolutely everyone.

Does Lords of the Fallen 2023 have multiplayer?

Yes, there is multiplayer for Lords of the Fallen 2023.

There is a multiplayer co-op that will allow friends to journey through the game’s hellscapes together, meanwhile, there is also PvP for when you want to fight.

Starting with co-op, this is seamless drop-in, drop-out action available throughout the entire campaign. One friend acts as host, and the invitee is able to pick up and keep their loot. Any level-ups for the invitee will remain when traveling back to their own world.

As for PvP, this is also similar to every other Soulsborne experience. It takes place in the form of invasions where the invader only has one life and is hellbent on killing the host.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 firebreathing dragon
Image credit: CI Games – screenshot from CI Games YouTube channel video LORDS OF THE FALLEN – Official Story Trailer (Extended Version) | Pre-Order…

Lords of the Fallen 2023 character creation classes

Below are all ten of the character classes with their starting weapons in Lords of the Fallen 2023:

In addition to choosing your class, you will be able to fully customize your character in a complex and in-depth creation suite. And, with the game using Unreal Engine 5, your character will look as beautifully grotesque as the gothic landscapes.

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