Riot Games has given Valorant players some amazing skin collections like Reaver and Glitchpop and they are behind some of the best skins any shooter has in 2021.

We decided to look back at the skin releases till date and rank the best skins in Valorant till 2021.

Read more to learn and find out about the top 5 skins that the game has to offer right now!

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Understanding Valorant’s Skins

Skins in Valorant are bought from the store with Valorant or Radianite Points. Players also receive them by completing contracts.

What makes skins in Valorant special is the weapon animation effects that are unheard of in the FPS genre. Riot truly went out on a limb to give FPS fans an absolute treat for the eye. From color variants to evolving skins, Riot has shown its out-of-the-box thinking with skin lines like Elderflame.

Every popular bundle has different finisher animations that are triggered by a kill. Some bundles have different shot sounds such as Elderflame’s Operator.

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Some of the best skins in Valorant from 2020 and 2021 are mostly found in Collection Bundles. Of course, one can also get Valorant skins through Battle Pass progress. However, the general consensus in the community is that the best skins (at least for 2021) are in the Collection Bundles available on the store.

While there is the general retail price of the skin, you can also get a good discount for your favorite ones if you get lucky during the Night. Market event.

Ranking The Best Skins of Valorant till 2021

Let’s get down to business. Riot Games is incredibly popular for their graphics team which provides high-quality skins, and it is no surprise that Valorant gets a similar treatment too. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, we’ve seen some amazing skins. Here are the 5 very best ones:

5. Ion

  • Released on – November 11th 2020
  • Most Popular Skin – Phanton (Priced At 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Color Scheme – White and Blue
  • Aesthetic – Sci-Fi and Minimalistic

What makes the Ion Collection so special is just how minimalist it looks and yet so futuristic. There is a hint of Sci-Fi from VFX effects to simply how it appeals to the eye. While the Ion Phantom is extremely popular, its Knife also looks vividly different and classy.

4. Elderflame

  • Released on – July 10th 2020
  • Most Popular Skin – Operator (Priced at 2475 Valorant Points)
  • Color Scheme – Golden Brown and Ochre Yellow
  • Aesthetic – Futuristic/Techno Dragon

Among the best skins of Valorant ever released, this skin continues to be a fan favorite even in 2021. Elderflame is among the first skin collections that show what Riot Games can do when it comes to aesthetics. The Dragon animation makes Elderflame very popular, and the sound of the Operator shot is super satisfying.

3. Reaver

  • Released on – November 3rd 2020 (V2.0)
  • Most Popular Skin – Vandal/Sheriff (Priced at 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Color Scheme – Dark Purple and Black
  • Aesthetic – Matte and Old School-esque

Reaver was the first collection that showcased what Riot Games can do with Valorant skins and fans went berserk. Later, the collection was re-released and it truly stands as among the best Valorant skins till 2021. Apart from its color combination, the finisher animation is one for days.

2. Glitchpop

  • Released on – August 4th 2020
  • Most Popular Skin – Knife (Priced At 4350 Valorant Points)
  • Color Scheme – Bright Neon
  • Aesthetic – Cyberpunkish

Unlike the earlier somber skins of Valorant, this one is the second-best just for how it stands apart and shines. Glitchpop’s Knife (and Axe) change their chroma color every time they are switched, and don’t all Valorant fans love a good flex? As of 2021, this skin has a very funky finisher unlike other bundles.

1. Prime

  • Released on – March 2nd 2021 (V2.0)
  • Most Popular Skin – Vandal (Priced at 1775 Valorant Points)
  • Color Scheme – Gold and White Primarily With Purple
  • Aesthetic – Post-Modern With A Classy Finish

Finally, for the best skin collection ever released in Valorant as of 2021. Prime 1.0 is loved to this date for its sleek appeal and reload animation. Prime 2.0 just improved on those aspects and gave us a skin collection that makes fans adore their inventory.

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