So, who are the celebrities who play League of Legends?

Hey, League of Legends is a thing and so are celebrities! You can easily see why I’m paid to write because that is a breathtaking opening line.

Anyway, as we’ve found out from the numerous other articles I’ve written about celebs playing video games; celebs play video games! A big shock I know, but obviously those famous folks are going to play one of the most popular games in the world.

So here are five celebs who play League of Legends.

1. Ronaldo

No, not Cristiano but rather “O Fenômeno”, the Brazilian bloke with bad teeth and who EVERY football fan of the 90s wanted to be.

Incredibly though, he is a huge LOL fan and was even at the MSI finals in 2017. Apparently his main is Caitlyn, who is all about the mana – which is fitting because Ronaldo produced plenty of magic back in his playing days.

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He likes LOL so much that he invested quite a lot into Brazilian team CNB. He must be one of the most surprising celebrities who play League of Legends, right?

2. Justin Bieber

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Literally, all we know about Biebs and his League of Legends knowledge is that he likes Teemo.


3. Chandler Riggs

CORL, CORRRRL CORRRRRRRRL! Yep, Carl from the Walking Dead plays League, and back in 2014 was a Bronze. To be honest, as much as I disliked his character in The Walking Dead, if you have ever seen one of his streams, you’ll know that he’s actually quite a lovely lad.

4. Gordan Hayward

It’s kind of infuriating that this bloke is not only incredibly good at Basketball, but also a Gold rank in League. Like seriously, give the rest of us losers a chance.

He might just be the best NBA gamer, especially with him playing a really mean Tryndamere.

5. Aisha Tyler

Yep, agent Lana Kane from Archer plays League! That shouldn’t be too surprising, especially since she had roles in Halo: Reach, Watch Dogs and Gears of War 3.

While she may not have a great gamerscore, she did hit back on Facebook saying: “I don’t give a sh*t what you think about my gamerscore. I don’t play to prove a point. I don’t play to be the best. I play because I love it.”

At least she likes playing League!

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