Twitter users are calling for popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Jschlatt to be cancelled in the wake of fresh allegations of racial insensitivity.

The perpetually outspoken Jschlatt has often been accused of inappropriate jokes and comments, and frequently uses racial, homophobic, and transphobic slurs in his content.

With much of what Jschlatt does, it’s often difficult for even his most ardent fans to actually unpack the meaning behind his jokes, which can often come across as confusing and contradictory. Many of his followers defend his offensive behaviour as part of a character that he is constructing, separating his actions from his own personality.

Why Jschlatt got cancelled this time

Jschlatt’s most recent joke to be deemed offensive, for which Twitter users are calling for him to be cancelled, came in the form of a tweet, since deleted, which appeared to mock “hood” Twitter.

While the exact meaning of the tweet has been debated, this reference is understood to mean the collective Black urban community on the social media platform.

This tweet in and of itself might not have been due cause for some Twitter users to begin calling for Jschlatt to be cancelled were it not for his exhaustive body of previous behaviour that is more explicitly racist.

Why Jschlatt keeps getting cancelled

Twitter users have compiled lengthy lists of Jschlatt’s alleged offensive behaviour as justification for calling for him to be cancelled. These incidents stretch back to long before the current Twitter controversy.

These allegations include Jschlatt’s repeated use of racial and homophobic slurs, accusations that he has mocked the Black Lives Matter movement, and claims that he frequently courts controversy through inappropriate behaviour.

Whie Jschlatt’s fans insist that these instances of inappropriate behaviour are part of a persona that he adopts for his videos and social media posts, many Twitter users have grown tired of this line of defense, as well as the YouTuber’s actions in general, leading for calls for his cancellation.

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