Popular streamer Greekgodx was banned from Twitch for twenty four hours for unknown reasons. While fans are eager to speculate, the streamer has not revealed publicly what justification Twitch has given for issuing the ban.

This is the second time that Greekgodx, real name Dimitri Antonatos, has received a ban from Twitch. The first ban was dished out in September 2019 after the streamer made some negative comments about gender identity which were deemed to violate Twitch’s rules against hatespeech.

Antonatos seemed to have learned his lesson after this incident, but without an official explanation of his second ban, fans have been eager to speculate about what got Greekgodx into trouble this time.

Why has Greekgodx been banned?

While Greekgodx has not revealed why he was banned, his fans speculate that it is the result of streaming inappropriate video content.

Antonatos is often fond of streaming video from a variety of sources, and there are several reasons why this might get him into trouble. Some fans on Reddit report that Greekgodx showed graphic animal violence, including a cougar attacking a housecat, which could violate Twitch’s content terms.


Alternatively, the ban could simply be the result of Greekgodx streaming copyrighted footage. At present, Twitch is cracking down hard on users who stream television, movies, and in particular, music, that has been copyrighted by a third party.

When will Greekgodx next stream?

Greekgodx’s was only banned for twenty four hours, meaning that he missed a single day of streaming. He can return to a regular streaming schedule as of December 1.

Considering the short length of his ban, it’s likely that Twitch doesn’t feel like his infraction – whatever it might have been – was too serious.

It’s not always easy to determine what Twitch hopes to achieve with shorter bans, but the goal is likely to prevent a streamer from doing something more eggregious in the near future.

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