Fans are eager to know whether popular streamer Ramee has been banned from NoPixel again after the star announced that his streams will be going on indefinite hiatus.

With over 160,000 followers on Twitch, Ramee has built up a fairly solid fanbase on the platform, thanks in large part to his role in the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto community.

In recent months, NoPixel fans have noticed Ramee acting erratically, leading to him occasionally being banned from the community’s server for what he describes as “venting” his frustration.

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Is Ramee banned from NoPixel?

According to Shotz, another member of the NoPixel community, Ramee has not been banned, but he has had a serious talk with other members of the group about his recent behaviour.

Shotz says that, due to the amount of stress placed on Ramee, his friends came to him in love in an effort to help him, and collectively the group decided to give him some space for a little while to work through some of the challenges that he is facing at present.

As such, it does not appear that Ramee has been formally banned from NoPixel at present, but he is taking a leave of absence to help clear his head and address some of the issues he is facing.

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Why Ramee has stopped streaming

In his own tweet explaining the situation, Ramee said that he has decided to take one or two weeks off from streaming. He said:

“I will be taking 1-2 weeks off from streaming to collect myself mentally & to better myself & need a break from streaming. Ive [sic] let my insecurities get the best of me.”

As such, while Ramee has not been banned either from Twitch or from NoPixel, fans might need to wait a couple of weeks before he returns to regular streams.

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