The release date and time countdown for when the EA Sports FC 24 Web App will come out to use is right around the corner. Its arrival will allow armchair managers all around the world to log in online and start building their Ultimate Team early.

EA Sports FC 24 is very exciting for FIFA fans. Ultimate Team comes with new features, there’s a huge amount of new Icons and heroes, and you will be able to create dream squads consisting of both male and female legends. Ultimate Team is always the biggest mode, and you will be able to start crafting your squad following the release time of the Web App.

EA Sports FC 24 Web App release date

The release date for the EA Sports FC 24 Web App is September 20th.

This is confirmed by Electronic Arts in the Ultimate Team launch update patch notes. As for the Companion App, it is coming out on September 21st.

It’s an opportunity to get free early access to EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team before the Ultimate edition launches. Speaking of release dates, the Ultimate edition launches on September 22nd, which is the same launch day for the EA Play 10-hour trial.

Now that all of the dates are sorted, fans are desperate to know exactly what time they can start crafting their dream squads.

What time does the EA Sports FC 24 Web App come out?

The release time for when the EA Sports FC 24 Web App will come out is 10:00 PDT, 13:00 EST, and 18:00 BST on September 20th.

This is the exact release time for the FIFA 23 Web App all the way back in September 2022. There were slight delays and issues last year, so it’s possible there could be problems again.

The Companion App should launch at the exact same hours but on Thursday. That is when you will be able to download it on both iOS and Android devices.

We will update this article if anything changes concerning the launch times.

How to log in

You will be able to log into the Web App as soon as it launches.

The Web App website currently states that it is coming soon, but it will update tomorrow at the specified launch times. Similar to FIFA 23, it’s an online website that will allow you to start crafting your Ultimate Team and complete some objectives.

When the website is live, you will need to log into your Electronic Arts account. This Electronic Arts account will be fundamental to actually playing online when the actual game launches.

EA Sports FC 24 is coming to PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. It will be on last and current-gen, meaning PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S.

Early access launches on September 22nd, meanwhile, the Standard package releases for everyone on September 29th.

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