EA Sports FC 24 fans have been left furious after a leak reveals that a new feature actually involves the player to pay. Here is how much it’s likely to cost and also how evolutions work in EAFC 24.

Ultimate Team has been a constant in the FIFA franchise for every single one of EA’s soccer simulators since its introduction way back in FIFA 09. This is no different in EA Sports FC 24 on Playstation, Xbox and PC.

However, as a new title often does – there are a plethora of new features included. EA seemingly have gone all out in their first solo adventure without the FIFA name behind them.

One of these new features is something called ‘Evolutions’, which looked phenomenal on paper. However – a leak has revealed something which has angered a few players already.

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Fans fume over ‘paid’ evolution process

Reliable FIFA source FUTSheriff revealed that in EA Sports FC 24 – there will be two versions of Evolutions players, a free one and a paid one with upgraded stats.

This has angered fans. “They found a way to ruin it already? Damn,” one wrote.

“EA already ruining the feature we were most excited about,” said another.

“Of course, they found a way to monetize one of their greatest promos,” a third agreed.

How do Evolutions work

Evolutions are a new system that allows you to improve and customize players from your club.

You aim to take your favorite lower-rated players from any club and level them up, as well as tweak and customize your top players by adding skill moves, changing work rates, weak foot upgrades and so much more.

The aim is to get your low-rated players up to a standard to compete with the big dogs. You’ll do this throughout the course of the game by completing challenges with these players over the course of the game’s life cycle.

How much do Evolutions cost?

As FUTSheriff mentioned previously, there are two versions a paid and a free one.

The paid one is rumored to be:

The decision is yours as to whether you want to use real-life funds or virtual currency.

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