Twitch streamer CallMeCarson, already facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards teenage fans, has now been accused of playing over a hundred hours of a Steam game about teenage pregnancy.

Minecraft streamer Carson King, better known as CallMeCarson, was recently accused of forming an inappropriate relationship with a seventeen-year-old fan.

Now, a commenter online has accused CallMeCarson of having some unusual activity in his official Steam library. The library lists both the games that a user owns, and the number of hours they’ve spent playing them.

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Did CallMeCarson have a Pregnancy game in his Steam library?

Twitter user @RollsSucy claims that CallMeCarson’s Steam profile shows a game called Pregnancy in his library, which he has purportedly played for one hundred and seven hours.

The game in question is a narrative-rich text game about a teenager who falls pregnant as a result of abuse. On average, the game takes around forty minutes to complete.

It’s not possible to verify @RollsSucy’s claims, as the Steam ID in question appears to have been shut down. Another Steam user has now claimed the ID instead.

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Allegations against CallMeCarson

The allegations pointed at CallMeCarson centre around his communication with underage fans when he was nineteen. One woman, @miniborb on Twitter, who goes by Sam, has alleged that CallMeCarson began direct messaging her following a joke in which she asked him to be her boyfriend.

Sam’s tweets also contain an alleged screenshot of her chatlog, in which she claims he attempts to steer their conversation onto inappropriate subjects.

As the internet scrambles to unpack CallMeCarson’s behaviour, allegations that his Steam library contained evidence that he’d spent so long playing a game about teen pregnancy further complicate the debate.

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