Twitch streamer Peachachoo has made a public statement regarding speculation surrounder her involvement in an ongoing fued between Bob7 and Destiny.

After weeks of ongoing debate and speculation, both Bob7 and Destiny have released what they’ve labelled “manifestos” detailing their accounts of the falling out between the two.

Several of the women mentioned by name in Destiny’s Google Doc, including Peachachoo, have made public statements responding to the allegations contained therein.

What is the Bob7 Manifesto?

The public drama between Destiny and Bob7 initially kicked off in earnest when Destiny accused Bob7 of manipulating a large number of female Twitch streamers including Peachachoo, pitting them against each other through a series of rumours spread in private chats.

Bob7 denies this, and last week issued his initial thirty-nine page “manifesto” in which he refutes Destiny’s accusations and, point by point, attempts to provide detailed explanations for his behaviour, accompanied by proof in the form of chatlogs and screenshots.

Destiny’s response, entitled “Bob7 Manifesto,” responds to these points, making various claims about many of the women mentioned in the first manifesto.

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Peachachoo’s response to the Bob7 Manifestos

In response to Bob7’s initial Manifesto last week, Peachachoo ridiculed the claims by saying on Twitter, “fourty page google docs? back in my day people just screencapped the notes app”.

She added to this, “drama this. drama that. i’m just eating beans” before clarifying, “this is my official statement for those asking”. It seems, then, that this is the final word that Peachachoo is likely to say on the matter.

For many of the women listed in both manifestos the arguments between Destiny and Bob7 bring a lot of unwanted attention. It remains to be seen whether Peachachoo’s attempt to laugh off both parties’ fued will spare her future drama.

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