The Bloodborne spiritual successor Lies of P is a bizarre adaptation of the fairytale story Pinocchio, and lots of newcomers are unsure about what happens when you take the opportunity to lie. There are plenty of consequences for telling porkies, and one of these consequences is determining one of the three endings you can get.

Lies of P is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Many fans were anxiously awaiting the review embargo with trepidation, but the review scores and experience have blown gamers away. It’s an amazing soulslike adventure that wears its Bloodborne inspirations on its sleeve but still has enough of a unique identity to stand out on its own. The most unique aspect is easily the fairytale backdrop as Pinocchio, and below is what happens when you lie.

What happens when you lie in Lies of P?

Lying in Lies of P affects the ending you get in the game.

In addition, lying also affects the type of rewards you get for completing quests. Basically, for some quests, you will get a different reward for lying as opposed to if you told the truth.

There are lots of important NPCs in the game, and being honest or telling fibs also changes what happens to them. The first opportunity to lie happens at the entrance to Hotel Krat, and then other such opportunities include speaking to Simon Manus and telling Belle about what happened to her husband.

It’s important to note that there are no status debuffs for lying. On the other hand, there are also no other buffs for telling the truth.

Lies of P three endings explained

There are three different endings to Lies of P.

If you only tell lies, you will get the Rise of P ending. There are other conditions to getting this ending, but you need to tell only lies to get what is considered the true conclusion to the game.

Meanwhile, if you only tell truths, you will get the Free From The Puppet String ending. The only other ending available is the Real Boy conclusion.

This is unlocked by giving your heart to Gepetto at the Under the Abyss. Away from just telling truths and lies, you can discover how to unlock the endings over at Fextralife.

Lies of P is now fully available on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Again, for PC and Xbox, it is available entirely for free on Xbox Game Pass.

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