The fairytale meets Soulsborne epic, Lies of P, is finally here. Its early access release date is imminent for everyone, but Xbox subscribers on console and PC can enjoy it for free with Game Pass.

Subscribers to Game Pass are truly blessed this September. Bethesda’s massive sci-fi RPG, Starfield, has already landed, and Payday 3 is set to arrive in just over a week, too. Not only that, but Xbox subscribers get to enjoy what many have dubbed a Bloodborne spiritual successor, Lies of P. It is joining Microsoft’s subscription service from day one, however, that doesn’t include early access.

Is Lies of P coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Lies of P is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

However, it is not joining the subscription library during its early access stint. If you want early access, you will need to buy the digital Deluxe edition.

It is last and next-gen meaning it is playable on Xbox One and Series X/S. The morbid take on the classic fairytale, Pinocchio, is also joining PlayStation and PC via Windows and Steam.

Thanks to being a new IP heavily and overtly inspired by Bloodborne, many fans had been awaiting the review embargo with trepidation. Fortunately, reviews are extremely positive, and it currently sits at a very pretty 82 on Metacritic.

Lies of P Xbox Game Pass release date

The Xbox Game Pass release date for Lies of P is September 19th.

Below is everything that has already joined and is still set to join Microsoft’s subscription program this month:

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for £7.99 per month on PC, and £8.99 per month on console. Console also has an Ultimate membership available for £12.99 a month.

How to get Lies of P early access

The only way to get early access to Lies of P is through buying the Deluxe edition.

Its release date is September 15th, and the early access release time unlocks one day earlier on PC and Xbox than PlayStation.

Below are the prices and pre-order bonuses for every edition (via the PSN store):

Standard edition – £49.99:

Deluxe edition – £59.99:

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