April is upon us and so is the second month of the Season of Rising Heroes, which means new Raid Hours, Events, Research Breakthroughs and Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO, with Exeggcute up first – but can it be shiny?

Exeggcute is the first Pokemon outside of Sun and Moon’s Alolan Region for a while now, with Litten, Rowlet and Popplio taking the spotlight recently.

This week’s Spotlight Hour takes place during the Spring into Spring, which, considering it’s a bunch of eggs, makes Exeggcute the perfect Pokemon.

So, looking ahead, let’s see if Exeggcute can be shiny during April’s first Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, plus the rewards and bonuses you can get.


As is routine, the Exeggcute Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour kicks off on a Tuesday, this time out, on April 4.

It will take place from 6 pm to 7 pm in your local time zone.

This time out, players will have the disappointing bonus of double Candy for every Pokemon they catch. It’s especially disappointing as Exeggcute has been in the game so long that the need for Exeggcute candy is likely to be very low.


Thankfully, for the first time in almost a month, the Spotlight Hour Pokemon, this time Exeggcute, CAN be shiny in Pokemon GO.

Following on from the lacklustre Litten, Popplio and Rowlet events, where the Pokemon couldn’t be shiny, this is a refreshing change, especially as the bonus is so poor.

Exeggcute, and its evolution Exeggcutor, have been available as shiny Pokemon when they were released as part of Pokemon GO’s spring event in April 2020. Incidentally, Alolan Exeggutor was released first as part of Pokemon GO’s third-anniversary celebrations in June 2019.

Sadly, however, it’s not all good news as unlike the Pokemon GO Community Days, Exeggcute won’t have its shiny rate boosted. That means rather than a one in 25 chance, you’ll have a roughly one in 500 chance of finding one.

That means clicking a LOT of Exeggcute.

What Are You Looking Out For?

Thankfully, a shiny Exeggcute shouldn’t be too difficult to spot in Pokemon GO.

Rather than the eggs’ usual pink colour, a shiny Exeggcute will be a golden colour.

We’ve embedded a tweet below to give you an indication of what you’re looking out for.

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