Pokémon Master and Twitch personality FleeceKing has managed to reach Pokémon Go’s new level cap by hitting Level 50 on-stream.

Back in November, Niantic finally increased the Pokémon Go level cap from 40 to 50, but made actually reaching the top level a tough challenge. In addition to grinding for millions of experience points, players also have to complete Special Research Tasks which use up a lot of Stardust and other resources.

FleeceKing’s achievement is incredibly impressive, but it wasn’t without its ups and downs. A technical error on the part of Niantic almost wiped out a large part of the player’s progress, before granting him an XP boost that helped him win the race.

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Who is FleeceKing?

FleeceKing is an Australian Pokémon Go player and streamer with over 10,000 subscribers on Twitch and 30,000 followers on Twitter.

According to FleeceKing, nearly 5,000 viewers tuned in to watch him hit Level 50 live on Twitch. For a brief moment, FleeceKing was the only player in the world to have reached this level.

Then, just 16 minutes later, another player, LaurenLolly, also hit the milestone. She and many others had been given a boost after a glitch had erased some of their progress.

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The Pokémon Go glitch that nearly defeated FleeceKing

While on the race to hitting Level 50, FleeceKing and several other prominent Pokémon Go players got hit by an unexpected glitch. Everyone who reached Level 48 on January 25 found that, six hours later, their progress towards Level 49 had been erased.

Those affected quickly worked to let Niantic know about the bug, and instead of simply restoring their progress, the studio instead bumped them all up to Level 49.

This set the stage for the final push on the race to Level 50, as FleeceKing, LaurenLolly, and several other Pokémon trainers found themselves on even footing for the game’s final level. After an intense day of grinding, FleeceKing won the race – but only barely.

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