Yet another casualty of Twitch’s aggressive DMCA bans has returned to the streaming platform as AvaGG celebrates the end of being banned for one week.

In celebration of the end of her ban, AvaGG, real name Amanda Myddleton, took to Twitch to stream herself singing kareoke – alongside copious amounts of alcohol.

So why has Twitch become so trigger happy when it comes to bans, and how will this affect streams going forward?

Why AvaGG got banned from Twitch

AvaGG was banned from Twitch for one week from November 11 to November 17 because of legacy VOD (Video On Demand) clips from her streams that contained copyrighted music.

In protesting the ban, AvaGG made sarcastic comments on Twitter. She then immediately returned to streaming copyrighted music once the ban was complete as part of her kareoke session.

This time, AvaGG has made sure to delete her stream’s VOD so that there is not a lasting record of her stream available on her profile. Thus far, this seems to have been enough to prevent DMCA takedown requests that result in further bans on Twitch.

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How will DMCA band affect Twitch moving forward?

In response to increasing pressure from large music labels, Twitch has been experimenting with stricter policies surrounding breaches of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. The platform hopes that this will change the culture among streamers so that they are more careful about avoiding copyrighted music.

Twitch has even gone so far as to advise streamers to mute in-game audio, as many games sample sounds or music that is copyrighted and can fall afoul of DMCA takedowns.

As AvaGG’s response to her own Twitch ban shows, this may not be the case – streamers have thus far preferred to continue streaming copyrighted music and then delete their VODs after the streams are complete.

In practical terms this will likely mean that many Twitch fans will find it harder to watch streams after they have finished. VODs may become less common as a response to Twitch’s bans.

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