Twitch has issued yet another ban to a popular personality, as Swedish streamer Melina (real name Melina Goransson) was banned for inappropriate content in the background of a recent stream.

Gorasson regularly streams her adventures out and about around the world, filming in public both near her home and in foreign lands.

Streams of this kind a generally welcome on Twitch, but streamers are held responsible for all content on screen, which can be tricky when someone in the background decides to have a little fun.

Why was Melina banned from Twitch?

According to Melina, she was banned from Twitch because someone in the background of a recent video decided to expose their bare backside to her camera. This is a violation of Twitch’s policy on nudity and indecent content.

The ban was only issued for twenty four hours, making it a relatively minor punishment, but it has led Melina to vent her frustration on Twitter, suggesting that she can only stream near nunneries in the future to avoid being punished for other people’s actions.


Goransson also expressed her concern that holding streamers accountable for background elements of their public streams will embolden those exhibitionists who want to expose themselves on Twitch in other people’s streams.

How Twitch deals with indecent content

In truth, this is not the first time that Melina has run afoul of Twitch’s policy regarding nudity and indecency. Earlier this year she received a ban as a result of an outfit that was deemed to be too revealing.

Twitch can often be very strict when it comes to displays of the human body. This is part of the platform’s increasingly fraught efforts to project a brand identity of respectability – efforts which are hampered by streamers who produce sexual or suggestive content.

Thus while Melina’s most recent ban is the result of a relatively harmless prank, Twitch’s decision to come down hard on the issue is an effort to teach streamers that no form of nudity – even accidental nudity – will be tolerated on the platform.

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