Streamer and eSports star Tayhuhu was recently banned indefinitely from Twitch, before a public outcry encouraged the platform to rescind her punishment.

Tayhuhu (real name Taynah Yukimi), who plays Valorant for the Brazilian multi-gaming organisation INTZ in their women-only league, typically averages around three hundred viewers a stream after building her profile on Twitch over the past year.

All of this was almost taken away from her when it was determined that she violated the platform’s terms of service by leaving her stream unattended with her daughter nearby.

Why Tayhuhu got banned from Twitch

Tayhuhu got banned from Twitch because she left her stream running for a few minutes while leaving the room to receive a grocery delivery, during which time, her three-year-old daughter approached the camera and interacted with the stream on her behalf.

Twitch has strict rules relating to streamers’ required minimum age. The platform is designed for users aged thirteen and over, and as such, Tayhuhu received an indefinite ban.

Tayhuhu vented her despair on Twitter, pointing out that this minor infraction is enough to have cost her all of her hard work on the channel over the past year, and potentially even cost her the livelihood that she had finally achieved.

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Twitch’s miminum age problems

Due to an outpouring of complaints on Tayhuhu’s behalf from fans and supporters, Twitch eventually reinstated the streamer’s channel.

Issues surrounding the age of streamers on Twitch will likely continue to crop up in the future. Instances of children invading a stream, as with Tayhuhu, are inevitable given the amount of time platform users stream for, and the sheer fact that streamers can’t prepare for all potential circumstances while streaming.

Tayhuhu’s experience with being banned from Twitch shows the importance that streamers must place on keeping their streams carefully monitored at all times.

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