For weeks, fans of popular Twitch streamer Tubbo have been whispering rumours about his anonymous sister. Now, the elusive streamer’s Twitch handle has finally been made public, as she hosted her brother on a stream and instantly gained thousands of new followers.

Speculation began when Tubbo (real name Toby Smith) mentioned in a stream that his sister had also started streaming on Twitch. At the time, he said that he didn’t want to publicly reveal her handle, for fear that she would be flooded with new subscribers before she was ready.

Nevertheless, within minutes, commenters in the chat begane posting her username, prompting Tubbo to request that viewers don’t tell others in an effort to keep her identity private.

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What is Tubbo’s sister’s Twitch username?

On November 26 Tubbo publicly (if inadvertently) revealed that his sister’s Twitch username is LanuSky. He revealed this by joining her in a stream on her own channel, which quickly brought the attention of the internet.

LanuSky’s subscriber base instantly gained around seventy thousand subscribers, bringing her up to nearly a hundred thousand subscribers in total by the end of the day – this number contiues to rise as more Tubbo fans are made aware of his sister’s identity.


Tubbo himself says that he is “very proud” of LanuSky, suggesting that “she could be the next Pokimane” and that she will far outstrip him in terms of popularity and subscribers before too long.


How old is Tubbo’s sister?

LanuSky’s exact age is unknown, but as she is Tubbo’s little sister, and as Tubbo is sixteen, she must be younger than this age.

Many details about the new streamer are thus far unrecorded, and it will be up to her to reveal as much or as little as she chooses now that her audience is growing rapidly.

That said, considering how quickly Tubbo’s fans discovered LanuSky, it may be difficult for her to control what information becomes public. While Tubbo has cautioned fans to give LanuSky the time to adjust to Twitch stardom, it seems that not all of his followers are willing to honour this request.

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