The Underwater Kingdom in Club Penguin is baffling a lot new and returning players as the Disney classic enjoys a resurgence in popularity.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin (Wikipedia Commons)

With Club Penguin enjoying a meteoric rise once again, there are so many questions on the minds of new and returning players.

For those coming back to the game, a lot of have forgotten how to do certain challenges. For new players, patience is running thin and they’re struggling to find out how to do certain things.

That’s why we’ve been playing the game here at Elecspo to give you the best chance of progressing in Club Penguin.

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The Underwater Kingdom is a place many players are struggling to find. But, alas, we’ve got the details for you right here to save you some serious time.

Where is the Underwater Kingdom in Club Penguin

To find the Underwater Kingdom and all the treasures that come with it, you’ll need to go and play a game of Puffle Rescue.

To play Puffle Rescue, you’ll need to head over to the mine, enter the mine, approach the game stand, and start a game that is specific to the Black Puffle.

From here, the game will open. The job is to rescue the Black Puffles. However, in order to access the Underwater Kingdom, you need only get the Puffle on level one.

Simply head in a straight line up and collect the Puffle. Then, head back to your starting block. Once here, you’ll see a shadow of a giant octopus appear.

Club Penguin

Screenshot: Club Penguin

All you need to do is follow the octopus up the map in a straight line. You’ll need to time your movements to land on the air bubbles he kicks up to stay alive.

Eventually, you’ll reach an entranceway. Follow it round to the right and you’ll find the stairway down into the Underwater Kingdom.

In here, you can get the Moss Key, which will, in turn, allow you to access the Hidden Lake further in the game.

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