Gamers are flocking back to Club Penguin and how to get a teal Puffle is something a lot of players are wondering about.

As Club Penguin continues to enjoy a spike in numbers playing the game, there’s a whole raft of different challengers and in-game scenarios people are getting stuck on.

One of the latest problems within the game is how to adopt a teal Puffle. As seasoned Club Penguin players will know, getting your hands on the latest and most colourful Puffle is a vital aspect of the game.

The teal Puffle was only added just last week. Again, as the game enjoys a rise in popularity, Disney will no doubt continue to add new elements to the game.

We played it through for you and looked at just how to get the latest Puffin.

How to get a teal Puffle on Club Penguin

Getting your hands on a teal Puffle requires two main things.


Number one, you need to know where to go. Number two, and more importantly, you need to have at least 1500 coins to get one.

Club Penguin

Firstly, you’ll need to head over to the ‘Wild Puffle’ part of the map. This is visible when you click on places within the map.

From there, you’ll need to head to the top left arrow within the Wild Puffle park. This will take you to a new screen.

In there, you can see a whole range of teal Puffles in the adoption hut. Simply walk over, name your Puffle, part ways within 1500 coins, and away you go.

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