How to fix the telescope in Club Penguin Rewritten is one of the key elements that will enable you to complete mission one within the game.

Club Penguin Rewritten is a slightly different game to that of the original 2005 release. It’s an unofficial title released after the official Disney release in order to keep the fun going.

Players can still play it now. And given the recent upturn in popularity for Club Penguin thanks to the global pandemic, people are getting stuck into everything they can.

Club Penguin

One of the big differences with Rewritten is that you have to complete a set of missions to advance in the game. They can be pretty long-winded and tough to complete, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In mission one, one of the elements to complete is fixing the telescope of an upset brown penguin.

However, fear not, we’ve played it through here at Elecspo and got the completion guide ready for you.


How to fix the telescope in Club Penguin

Once you’re well on with completing the mission, you should come across a rather sad looking brown penguin on the Ski Hill.

He’s upset because he’s broken his telescope and, being the friendly helpful penguin you are, it’s your job to fix it for him.

All you’ll need to do is wander over to him, open your spy phone, and press tools. From here, you can select the spanner and simply hover it over the telescope tripod. This will fix the telescope.

You can then continue with the rest of the mission, using the telescope to complete the next part of the mission.

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