Finding the last berry on the O’Berry Hunt on Club Penguin is proving to be a challenge for some players but we’ve got the answers for you.

Club Penguin

Puffle in Club Penguin – (Wikipedia Commons)

With Club Penguin currently been played by millions around the world, there’s plenty of questions being asked about the game and how to complete certain challenges.

One of the first challenges you can choose to take on is the O’Berry Hunt. To activate this, you simply click the green icon with a berry in it in the top corner of your screen.

From here, you can select ‘The O’Berry Hunt’ and begin your quest for some berry-like treasures.

Each berry you need to find comes with a clue. It’s almost like a riddle of sorts. In order to find each berry, you need to solve the club/riddle and make your way to the right place on the map.

But the final berry is proving to be a bit of a challenge for some players.

Where is the final berry in Club Penguin O’Berry Hunt

Once you’ve got your head around the clues you shouldn’t find it too difficult to land the final berry.


The clue you get is ‘adopt a Puffle, or three, or ten, wild Puffles need homes and berries are their friends’.

There are only a few places really that this should lead you. But the one you need to head towards is ‘Puffle Wild’.

Once you are here, you should see the final berry to the right-hand side in a tiny tree. Simply walk over to it, collect it, and you’ll have completed the O’Berry Hunt in full.

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