People are loving Club Penguin once again so here’s all you need to know about how to walk your Puffle.

The icy and fun-filled world of Club Penguin is once again taking over. After being shut down in 2017, the Disney online classic is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Club Penguin

Ghost Puffle in Club Penguin (Wikipedia Commons)

Club Penguin is a social interaction game where players can chat and build their own little world along with their Puffles and penguin.

With so many people stuck inside at the moment, millions of players are once again logging back into Club Penguin.

But one of the key issues within the game is looking after your Puffle. Your loyal companion needs care and attention or you risk losing him. One of those aspects of care involved taking him for a walk.

How to walk your Puffle in Club Penguin

Like most things within the game, walking your Puffle is a relatively easy task.


Once you’ve bought one from the pet store, your Puffle will walk with you for the time being anyway. Be warned, though, too much walking and digging can leave your Puffle tired out.

First off, you’ll need to drop your Puffle off at home, or your igloo, in the game. To do this, simply click on your igloo on the map and select ‘drop off’. You do this by clicking your Puffle and selecting the small picture with a leash on.

And to walk your Puffle, you simply follow the same steps. When you click on your igloo, your Puffle will be there waiting. Simply click on them, select the leash image again, and away you go.


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