Popular steamer Staysafe has been banned from Twitch for 48 hours for steaming coverage of the US presidential election.

Ordinarily, Staysafe covers World of Warcraft and League of Legends content. His most recent stream, however, has fallen afoul of Twitch’s increasingly aggresive copyright policy.

What’s more, Staysafe says that as this is the second time he has received a warning for copyrighted content, another infraction could result in a more permanent ban.

Why has Staysafe been banned from Twitch?

StaySafe was banned from Twitch for 48 hours following a copyright infringement when he showed footage of Fox New’s live coverage of the US election. While his Reddit community notes that he also streamed footage from rival network CNN, it seems that the ban has come specifically as a result of showing Fox copyrighted content.

This constitutes a breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which Twitch has recently become much more strict in adhering to for some forms of content.


According to StaySafe, this is his second violation, as recently he was reprimanded for a short clip from a few years ago featuring a snippet from In Da Club by 50 Cent. The streamer worries that one more infraction could end in more severe punishment.

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Why Twitch is changing its copyright approach

While StaySafe is no stranger to controversy (his personal Twitter is currently banned for unrelated reasons), this latest ban comes as part of a shift in Twitch’s approach to some copyrighted content.

Bans for showing copyrighted media such as music, television, and movies have become increasingly common in recent months. It’s likely that Twitch is coming under greater pressure from corporate content owners to adhere to the DMCA.

Thus far gaming content remains relatively free from these stricter measures – were video games subject to the same careful policing as other types of copyrighted content, the Twitch landscape would shift dramatically. Regardless, more bans of this nature are expected in future as streamers are discouraged from sharing television content with their viewers.

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