Among the many enticing Twitch drops offered by Rust, a special Pokimane-themed garage door is already winning players’ hearts for its cute and colourful design.

Rust’s developer Facepunch has gone all out with the game’s social media marketing, creating a variety of rare and exclusive items that can be gained only through Twitch drops.

Pokimane’s door is no exception, which means that it’s going to be a rare collector’s item going forward.

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How to get Pokimane’s garage door in Rust

Pokimane’s garage door is only available in Twitch drops for Rust. Players of the game who watch her Twitch stream have a chance of grabbing the item as a prize for their attendance.

To get Twitch drops in Rust, go to the Rust Twitch drops website and sign into both your Twitch account and your Steam account. Once this is done, as you watch Pokimane’s Rust stream, you’ll be able to grab her unique item.

To actually get hold of the garage door in Rust once you’ve received your prize, sign into the game and open your Inventory, where you’ll find a crate waiting for you that will contain the item.

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Why get the Pokimane garage door?

While much of the world of Rust is, as the name might suggest, brown, grey, and dirty, Pokimane’s garage door stands out as an adorable piece of cartoonish artwork, making any house or bunker look a little more vibrant.

Garage doors also happen to be one of the most sturdy early items in the game, providing solid protection even for underleveled players. Despite being a level one item, it’s approximately as tough as a level three armours door.

This will likely come in handy, as one downside to the Pokimane garage door is that its eye-catching design is sure to be a magnet for marauders looking to steal stuff, or for distrungtled players who want to pick a fight.

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