Up and coming Call of Duty: Warzone player Pacesetter has been accused of cheating using wallhacks to win prize tournaments.

These accusations have come from streamer and pro Warzone player Tommey, who used a recent stream to show what he claims to be proof that Pacesetter could see through walls to spot other players’ locations.

Tommey used a recent stream to make his accusations against Pacesetter, in the hopes of bringing to light the trend of competitive players cheating at Warzone to win prize money.

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What is wallhacking in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Wallhacking is the process by which shooter players use software to alter the properties of walls – in competitive Warzone matches, this typically means making walls transparent so that they can see players hiding behind them.

The use of such software is typically difficult to spot because it’s not always easy to tell whether a player can see through walls, which is why it’s possible to use wallhacking techniques to cheat in competitive tournaments to win prize money.

In light of the cheating allegations levied against Pacesetter, viewers have begun combing through Pacesetter’s Twitch VOD footage to spot times when he has displayed a seemingly prescient knowledge of the game world around him, barreling through frought locations without feeling the need to check corners for hidden opponents.

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Why was Pacesetter accused of cheating?

In a recent stream, Tommey focused his attention on Pacesetter, showing his audience how the player had an uncanny knowledge of his opponents’ locations, and accused him of cheating.

Tommey later said on Twitter:

“I hope you guys can understand that WZ is what I do for a living, competing and streaming. I love it and wouldn’t swap it for anything, so when things like this happen it kills me inside. I really do hope something good comes from this and we can all move on, I really do.”

It remains to be seen what the long-term fallout of these cheating allegations will be for Pacesetter, and whether they will affect his career going forward.

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