Another one bites the dust! Nightblue3 is the latest prominent Twitch player to be banned for inappropriate activity, following a controversial stream in which he teamed up with the also currently banned xQc.

Nightblue3 (real name Rabia Yazbek) is but one of several teammates to receive a ban for xQc’s actions during a Twitch Rivals match. Streamers Mendo, GrandPooBear, and Tfue have also been banned for their roles in the xQc’s activity, which violated Twitch’s player conduct rules.

It’s been clarified that xQc’s Twitch ban will alst for one week, and as such, it’s expected that Nightblue3 and the others will also be banned for this long.

Why Nightblue3 got banned from Twitch

Nightblue3 and the rest of his team have been banned from Twitch because a teammate, xQc, cheated in a Twitch Rivals match by stream-sniping rival players. By watching a rival’s stream, xQc gained an unfair advantage, and his teammates benefitted from this without trying to stop him.

According to Twitch, while xQc was initially the only streamer to receive disciplinary action, the decision was later made to extend this to his teammates.

Nightblue3 and the others will now face a six month ban from Twitch Rivals and will forfeit their prize money, in addition to their Twitch streaming ban.

Why Twitch is banning cheaters’ teammates

The fact that Nightblue3 has been banned shows just how far Twitch is willing to go to ensure that streamers obey the rules. While those who’ve received disciplinary action have noted that xQc’s stream-sniping didn’t affect the outcome of the match, Twitch is pushing to punish all parties regardless.

The intended message is clear: Twitch is hoping that these kinds of bans will encourage players to better police each other. As the platform expands, it gets harder to Twitch to keep all streamers following the rules, so bans of this nature are an attempt to teach Twitch users to obey without the need for intervention.

How well this will work remains to be seen – getting banned from Twitch for a short period has never taught Nightblue3 to change his behaviour thus far.

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