As a series of unusual Twitch bans continue, League of Legends streamer Voyboy has been banned for reasons unknown.

Minutes after finishing a stream, Voyboy discovered that his account had been banned. He has not made it clear whether he was given an explanation for the ban, nor is it known how long the ban will last for.

Many popular Twitch streamers have fallen under heavy scrutiny in recent months as the platform attempts to make its content more corporate-friendly.

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Why has Voyboy been banned from Twitch?

While Twitch has not given an official reason for banning Voyboy, many of his fans suspect that it might be related to an outstanding Digital Millennium Copyright Act claim from a music company.

Twitch has been doling out heavy punishments recently for those caught using copyrighted music in their streams – a policy that is having wide-reaching ramifications for the platform, especially as in many cases streamers are being punished for video clips that may be several years old.

Previously, Voyboy has spoken out about the DMCA challenges facing streamers, even calling for the Twitch community to start creating its own music and sharing all tracks with each other, copyright-free, to help overcome the current issue.

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How will DMCA takedowns affect Twitch

The main problem that Twitch faces is that technically, much of its gaming community is in constant violation of copyright in every stream. Games companies and media conglomerates are legally allowed to issue takedowns under the DMCA to any digital copy made of their work, and this includes game streams.

While for the most part the gaming industry is content to ignore copyright infringement among streamers, other media companies – particularly the music industry – is less forgiving.

As Twitch streamers continue to report harsh bans for using copyrighted songs or showing television or movie content in their streams, it seems that this new, more aggressive approach to dealing with DMCA takedowns may become the norm.

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