How to fix the Valorant side by side configuration is incorrect error is the latest in a long line of error messages we’ve seen in recent weeks. 

The side by side problem is causing plenty of problems for Valorant players at the moment. Unlike most of the other errors within the game, this one is taking up a bit more time to solve.

Things like fixing the queue is disabled message or error code 40 have been relatively easy to solve. Most of those types of error simply involve a reboot or reinstall.

This latest problem, though, seems to have stumped people just that bit more. However, fear not, as the clever community out there on Reddit have seemingly got to the bottom of the problem.

And while the side by side configuration error is something attributed to Windows, there does seem to be a way around it for Valorant players.

How to fix the side by side configuration is incorrect error in Valorant

Unfortunately, as we mentioned, it doesn’t seem completely easy to fix this latest error message.

But there are some things you can try to get around this problem. The key issue for players seems to be the link that Riot Games send out to users to download the game isn’t working.

To fix this, it’s recommended that you try downloading from a different link and installer. This Reddit thread shows where you can find relevant links.

If this still doesn’t work, then you can try moving your installer to your machine’s C drive. From here, run the file as Admin, and it should fix the issue.

If both these fixes don’t resolve things for you, then you’ll have to contact Riot themselves. Hopefully, though, you’ll be playing Valorant in no time by following the above steps.

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