The queue is disabled problem in Valorant is causing gamers around the world quite the headache as people miss out on their Valorant fix.

The Valorant Beta is taking the world by storm at the moment. Players around the globe are teaming up and pitting their wits online in the hugely popular title from Riot Games.

Indeed, it’s looking very much like Valorant could prove to be one of the games of the year. Of course, we are just in the Beta stage at the moment, so issues and glitches will need ironing out.

One such glitch causing an issue at the moment is the message of ‘queue is disabled’ when loading the game.

The message has been a frequent one ever since the launch in early April. And it seems the error is persisting, with a number of users experiencing the problem today and yesterday.

What is the queue is disabled error in Valorant?

Put simply, the queue is disabled error should only appear when Riot Games say so.

It essentially means they are carrying out some sort of maintenance on the game. Whether that be releasing patches, adding new content, or simply improving the game, Riot has the say-so on the message.

How to fix the queue is disabled error in Valorant

At the moment, there’s no direct fix for the game. As the error message is one Riot can control, the chances are that they have put it up for good reason.

Therefore, players simply must sit tight until the game is back available. Once Riot is happy they’ve implemented their changes, the error message should disappear.

Indeed, gamers can keep up to date with the latest downtime on the game’s official Twitter account. 

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