Valorant has had a number of minor bugs since the release of its Beta, with players now getting a process already running error that is preventing gameplay.

The new FPS from Riot Games is taking the online gaming world by storm it seems.

Thousands of players and viewers around the world are enthralled in the Valorant world and Twitch has seen near-record numbers in terms of viewers of late.

However, despite Valorant’s brilliance and popularity, there has been a number of issues for users.



Error codes have popped up preventing players from playing, while thousands haven’t even been given the chance to play yet due to not getting an entry key for the Beta.

This new process already running error, though, seems to be causing the most problems yet.

Luckily, thanks to some clever people over on Reddit, it looks like the solution has been found.

How to fix process already running error in Valorant

According to a user on Reddit, the issue is to do with the game trying to delete certain files. While the reason is unknown as to why it fails, it seems Valorant is struggling to get rid of certain files.

This is then preventing players from getting online and playing the game. However, you can try and follow the information below to resolve the issue.

  • You’ll need to manually delete files on your system
  • Find the file labelled ‘C:\Riot Games\Riot Client\vcruntime140.dll’ or ‘C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\Riot Client\vcruntime140.dll’
  • Delete these files from your Valorant program files
  • Relaunch the game. Valorant should now load without any glitch

Of course, Riot and Vanguard will want this eradicated by the launch of the full game. But for now, this should stand you in good stead to get back into the Valorant world.

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